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The education technology software sector is thriving, and the industry’s market capitalization is increasing all the time. There are hundreds of EdTech products available these days, and you might require the assistance of an expert to select the most appropriate one for your needs.

Providing free consultation for education entrepreneurs to choose the best online course creation platforms and software solutions.

If you are looking for information on how to build a successful online course, there are very few websites that can provide you with true knowledge on what really works for you when it comes to choosing the right online course creation software.

(Meanwhile, I recommend Podia to launch your online course.)

Podia website

Majority of the Online course platform reviews, for example, are static and do not include any type of consulting support or advice. When it comes to me, I will be more than pleased to answer any queries you may have prior to the launch of your online course.

The best tools to record and edit your online course

I will also guide you in selecting the appropriate audio equipment for recording high-quality sound, selecting the most cost-effective video editing software, and promoting your course on this website. To be precise, I will be happy to guide you with the right tools that will help in recording, editing, and launching an online course.

I would be delighted if you would click on the links on my website and begin your online training session. It supports my work. I’ll be writing reviews of each of these popular online courses over the coming several weeks, so keep an eye out for those.

Video editing and social media post design services for online course creators.

I assure that this website, will provide you with knowledge and support in getting your online courses up and running in a few weeks. I also do video editing services and social media post design for online course creators. Write to me for more information.

Podia Course Creation Software:

One of my favorite online course creation software products is Podia. I will stick to recommending Podia to new age course creators, especially because of its affordable pricing.

The EdTech Startup’s tech team also continuously releases new features.  For example, Podia has launched a community feature which will enable you to create an online community for your students.

Signup with Podia

Please note that when you signup with course creation software through my website, I will be happy to do an interview with you or certainly feature your course once you launch it.

Best Online Course Platform

Earn money by selling your online course using these course creation platforms.

The best online course platform vendors in October 2021


2. Thinkific.

3. Learnworlds




7. Udemy


9. Ruzuku

Since I run multiple blogs to feature SaaS products and enterprise software, please give me sometime to feature each one of these online course creation platforms.

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